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You may contact me by e-mail at


  1. Kelly Hall says:

    Hello my name is Kelly Hall, I interviewed Ltcol. Wallace Storey, I am making a collage for him and he really liked a pic of his B17 in the air that you had, tail #678, wanted to see if you could help me out. Thank you


  2. Mark says:

    Cindy Mark Brewer here fascinating and very informative website many thanks


  3. Michael McLaughlin says:

    My dad Jesse W. McLaughlin was a tail gunner in a B17 he was in the 303 Bomb Group they were the Hells Angels he flew 30 missions over Europe he was credited with 5 kills on German fighters he was my hero and the best wingshot ever


  4. Mark Reed says:

    Would like to follow your Blog, but do not find the link at the bottom right of any page or anywhere else


  5. Patricia K Mayo Katsion says:

    I believe William C Murphy is in the back row, far left, in your group picture. I have sent you an email with a low quality picture of him attached.


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