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Boeing B17


Also as a part of his WWII training with the Army Air Corps, my dad learned to recognize all of the different aircraft used in the war.  In his notebook, he included a photo of and information about all of the different aircraft.  The one he ended up crewing was the B-17G heavy bomber.  Here are his notebook entries on the B17.


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High Altitude


Another part of my dad’s Army Air Corps training involved a couple of other things we don’t encounter in a normal commercial air flight these days.  One was the required use of an oxygen mask and a calculation of the percentage of oxygen needed.


The other lesson was in “Boyle’s Law” and how the change in pressure of a descending aircraft could affect the crew.


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Shooting at a Moving Target 101


My dad, George Edwin Farrar, performed some of his training for his stint with the US Army Air Forces in Kingman, Arizona.  One important lesson was how to shoot at a moving target.  As an added complication, he would be moving himself – at 225 mph in a B17.  Here are some of his notes and drawings for this lesson.


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