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The Ring – September 23, 1948

To review:  Z’s family in Czechoslovakia sent the ring on April 8, 1948 to the Buslee’s in Park Ridge, Illinois.  Expected arrival was April 29, but the ring had still not surfaced by September.

In an effort to locate the ring, Mr. B had written to the American Embassy in Czechoslovakia on September 9 and had received a reply that the embassy was in possession of the ring.

The Foreign Service
Of the
United States of America
Office of the Military Attaché
American Embassy
Prama, Czechoslovakia

23 September 1948

Mr. B
Richmond, Texas

Dear Sir:

Your letter of 9 September 1948 has been referred to this office for reply. We are indeed happy to inform you that we now have the ring in question in our possession and that the ring will be sent to “Mr. and Mrs. John Buslee, 411 Wisner Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois, U.S.A.” immediately by registered APO mail.

Trusting this information will be of interest to you, I remain

Charles J. Knapp
Administrative Officer

This transcription is a careful reproduction of the original except for occasional spelling and punctuation corrections. Some names have been masked to protect the privacy of those individuals and their families.  In some circumstances, based on relevancy or a desire to mask locations, some material may not have been transcribed.

Thank you to John Dale Kielhofer, John Oliver (Jay) Buslee’s nephew, for sharing these letters with me.

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