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A Letter from Aunt Will

George Edwin Farrar’s father, Carroll Johnson Farrar, was born in Charlotte Court House (Charlotte County), Virginia to Charles Henry and Martha Ann (Johnson) Farrar on December 17, 1888.  Carroll was the second youngest of the seven Farrar children.  Older brothers and sisters included Julia Elizabeth, Daniel Boone, Mary Pearl, Baker William, and Herman Parham Farrar.  His younger sister, Willie Brent, was born August 24, 1892 and married Arthur Burrows Burnham on October 8, 1913.

Willie Brent Farrar Burnham, better known as Aunt Will, wrote a letter to her nephew, George Edwin Farrar, addressing it to Stalag Luft IV.  She, too, was unaware that the prisoners were no longer held in the camp.  Aunt Will didn’t date her letter, but it was postmarked in New York on February 16, 1945, so she probably mailed it around February 13.  Her letter was also marked “RETURNED TO SENDER By Direction of the War Department. Undeliverable as Addressed.”

Charleston, South Carolina

Dear George:

Was glad to hear from Raleigh giving me your address. Missed seeing you when I was in Atlanta, found all looking well. Beverly has grown to be quite a big girl and is very pretty. Fell in love with Dot’s twins, they are precious and into everything. She has darling children. Your Dad is doing nicely and seemed to enjoy my visit. Raleigh also. If you come through Charleston on your way home be sure to call us up and pay us a visit, we are listed in the phone book.

I would hardly have known Gene and Martha they have grown so. I think Gene looks like you.

Aunt Daisy, Katie and Uncle Arthur all send love. Would love to send you a box if possible. Let me know if I can. I can’t get cigaretts.

Lots of love from all,

Aunt Will


  • Raleigh was George Edwin Farrar’s mother.
  • Beverly, Dot and Martha were three of George Edwin Farrar’s sisters.
  • Gene was one of George Edwin Farrar’s younger brothers.

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