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No Delivery of Next of Kin Parcels

A letter from Colonel Howard F. Bresee arrived at the Farrar and other POW family households the latter part of April 1945.  There was no mention of the POWs marching across Germany, but the letter did advise that prisoners were being “transferred” and it was unlikely the POWs would receive any parcels from home.

April 19, 1945
Army Service Forces
Office of the Commanding General
Washington 25, D. C.

Notice to Next of Kin of American Prisoners
Of War in Germany

It is the desire of the War Department to invite your attention to the fact that due to present conditions in Germany, there is a possibility that next of kin parcels to American prisoners of war may not be delivered.

The frequent transfers of American prisoners of war within Germany by the German government coupled with the fact that transportation facilities have largely been destroyed make it doubtful that the delivery of individually addressed packages to our prisoners can be accomplished. Such transportation as is available to the International Red Cross is used, first, for the delivery of unaddressed standard Red Cross food parcels to American prisoners of war.

While no assurance can be given, every effort will be exerted to effect delivery of individually addressed parcels.

Howard F. Bresee
Colonel, CMP
Director, American Prisoner of
War Information Bureau
Provost Marshal General’s Office

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