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William F. Combs Crew – September 28, 1944

As on the Sortie Report for the Blankenmeyer crew on September 28, 1944, the Sortie Report for the William F. Combs crew aboard aircraft 42-102661, Big Dog, also notes “Left formation after target for unknown reasons, but returned to base.”  The Combs crew also was attempting to learn the fate of the Buslee crew aboard Lead Banana and the Brodie crew aboard Lazy Daisy.

In MACR9753, Missing Air Crew Report 9753, several members of the Combs crew are listed as witnesses to the collision:  William F. Combs (Pilot), Merlin L. Flower (Waist Gunner), Raymond Ciaccio (Ball Turret Gunner), and John S. Fadda (Tail Gunner).

In MACR9753, the Combs crew described enemy opposition as “No enemy Aircraft,” and “Moderate-accurate flak at the target.”

Their description to the extent of damage to the Lead Banana was “Pieces of tail and wings falling off.  Plane in flames from engines.”

In response to “If aircraft was out of control describe appearance,” they wrote, “Going down in flames spinning into the clouds.”

And their response to “Number of parachutes seen” was “None.”

Note:  The Combs crew names were not all listed properly on MACR9753.  Merlin Flower was listed as Merlin Flowers, Raymond Ciaccio was listed as Raymond Cesccio, and John Fadda was listed correctly on one page, but as John Gadda on another.

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