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Commanding Officers and Chaplains of the 384th Bomb Group

I have written several posts in the past few years following extensive research into the military and religious leaders, the Commanding Officers and Chaplains, who served with the 384th Bomb Group in World War II. Those posts are not easy to find within the blog format of my website, so this past weekend I created Pages for quicker and easier access to the links to those separate posts.

While this particular organizational post does not contain a lot of reading material, you will find plenty to read and learn by following the links on the newly created pages. You may view those pages and their supporting links to more detailed information on each of the individuals at,

For future reference, you can find links to those pages in the left-hand column of the Home Page of this site under the heading START HERE.

Note: on a mobile phone or tablet, you may have to view the home page as a “desktop site” to see the left-hand START HERE column with the links to the pages.

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