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What Does It Mean?

Recently, a reader I was assisting in her search for information regarding the WWII service of her grandmother’s cousin ran across a military abbreviation with which I was not familiar, EUS. I began an internet search for the meaning of EUS. I expected the usual overwhelming list of responses from Mr. Google, but my search returned very few results. I should have known, but didn’t think of it beforehand, that Fred Preller provides that information on his 384th Bomb Group website in a very nice table of MACR and AR abbreviations.

And by the way, MACR stands for Missing Air Crew Report and AR stands for Accident Report.

Common WWII Military Abbreviations

 Abbreviation  Meaning
 ALW  Alive and well
 ASN  Army Serial Number
 DED  Missing and presumed (Declared) Dead, (Public Law 490)
 DL  Dead List
 DNB  Died, Non-Battle due to sickness or non-combat injury
 DOW  Died Of Wounds
 DOWRIA  Died Of Wounds Received In Action
 EUS  Evacuated to the United States
 EVD  Evaded (or escaped)
 FOD  Finding Of Death (same as DED)
 INT  Interned in neutral country
 IO  Initial Only, referring to a name
 KIA  Killed In Action
 KILD  Killed In Line of Duty
 KMAC  Killed, Mid Air Collision
 LWA  Lightly Wounded In Action
 MIA  Missing In Action
 NMI  No Middle Initial, referring to a name
 NOK  Next Of Kin
 POW  Prisoner Of War
 RMC  Returned to Military Control
 RTD  Returned To Duty
 SWA  Seriously Wounded in Action
 WIA  Wounded In Action

All of the above are from Fred’s list with the exception of KMAC, which I added as it pertains to the eight men aboard my dad’s B-17 who died in the mid-air collision on September 28, 1944.

In my search for the meaning of EUS, I did run across another very extensive list provided on the 416th Bomb Group’s website. (Scroll down to the MACR and AAR Crewmember Status table). You may not run into these abbreviations very often, but if there’s something you can’t find on Fred’s list, check the 416th’s. They actually present three different lists on the page:

  • Descriptions for some common WWII Acronyms, Abbreviations and Codes used by the 416th BG during WWII
  • MACR and AAR Crewmember Status
  • Enlisted and Officer Rank

The 416th’s list notes that the primary sources of their abbreviations list come from:

Hopefully, between these resources, most abbreviations we WWII researchers run across will be included, but I know not all will. I’m still looking for the meaning of CPF!

Links to Abbreviation Tables

Fred Preller’s 384th Bomb Group Site’s MACR and AR Explainer Table

416th Bomb Group Site’s Lexicon

Fold 3 Abbreviations

Aviation Archaeology Action Codes

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