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Gratitude and Sorrow

Sebastiano Peluso’s parents had last written to George Edwin Farrar’s mother on June 27, but they felt compelled to write again two weeks later.  They assumed her son, the only known survivor from the Lead Banana on September 28 the year before, had returned home from the war.  Farrar had still not returned to the United States.  The Pelusos were still anxiously waiting for any word about their boy.

July 11, 1945
Coney Island

Dear Mrs. Farrar,

I am the father of Sebastiano and I have no word to express my gratitude for the kind of sympathy and cooperation you have show regard my son. Only a mother could understand and consider the sorrow we have, and really I want to thank you for what you are doing for us.

First of all I want to congratulate you for George coming home, and I wish happiness and success to a courageous boy, which deserves respect and honor from his nation.

Now I wish only one favor from you. First, let George rest and relax, and when he feels better the only think I ask to him if could give me any news of his friend Sebastiano. What happen after the plane was hit. If he saw my son coming down with the parachute?

He could write me a letter and if he have something important to tell me I could come myself and speak him personally. Although the trip is long. If I hear good news from my boy, I am sure I will not feel the trip. Maybe we could call George on the telephone and he gives details of what he knows.

So if George decide to speak with us just let us the day is home and we call him. The best hour for us to call is from 8 to 10 p.m. Again I thank you in advance and hoping to hear from George. Regard and happiness to a wonderful mother.

Joseph Peluso
2963 W. 24 St.
Coney Island

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