The Arrowhead Club

Two Hundred Eighty-Two Days

1945-07-06 Telegram

It had been two hundred eighty-two days since the mid-air collision between Lazy Daisy and Lead Banana.  James Joseph Brodie had been among the missing on Lazy Daisy since September 28, 1944.  All the other Daisy crew members had been accounted for, but James’ parents and young wife had been waiting all this time for some word.

Today, July 6, 1945, the dreaded telegram had come.  An explanation was not offered as to why the wait had been so long for this terrible news.  Perhaps the letter that was to follow would provide more information, but for today the only news was:

It has now been officially established from reports received in the war department that your husband First Lieutenant James J. Brodie who was previously reported missing in action was killed in action Twenty Eight September Nineteen Forty Four in Germany.  The Secretary of War extends his deep sympathy.  Confirming letter follows.

Edward F. Witsell Acting the Adjutant General of the Army

Thank you to Larry Miller, great-nephew of James Joseph Brodie, for sharing this piece of his family history.

© Cindy Farrar Bryan and The Arrowhead Club, 2014

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