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First Correspondence from Mrs. Peluso

Sebastiano Joseph Peluso, Radio Operator/Gunner for the Buslee Crew

Sebastiano Joseph Peluso, Radio Operator/Gunner for the Buslee Crew

Mrs. Antonetta Peluso was the mother of the Buslee crew’s radio operator/gunner, Sebastiano Joseph Peluso, aboard the Lead Banana on September 28, 1944.  Both she and her husband, Joseph, were born in Italy and had immigrated to the United States.  Sebastiano, better known as Yano to the family, and his older sisters were born in New York.  Sebastiano was the youngest, born July 8, 1924.  Sister Sala or Sarah (different sources report different names) was nine years older, and Jennie or Jean (different sources report different names) was seven years older than Sebastiano.  During the war, the Pelusos lived in Brooklyn, New York.

January 12, 1945
2963 West 24th Street
Brooklyn, 24, New York

My Dear Mrs. Farrar,

I received your letter last week, and it makes me happy to know your dear son, George, is safe in a German Prison Camp.  Let us hope it won’t be long now, that he will be home once again.

As yet I have not received any information concerning my son Sebastiano.  I am waiting patiently for news that will lighten the heavy burden in my heart.

I was deeply sorry to read about 1st. Lt. William A. Henson II.  Mr. Carey S. Stearns has also received the same news about his son 1st Lt. Robert S. Stearns.  I am praying that the German Government made a mistake in the reports Mrs. Henson and Mr. Stearns received.

Mrs. Farrar, I wish you all the Luck in the world in your dear son’s safety.  I will inform you if I get news about my son.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Antonetta Peluso

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