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August 14, 1944 Letter from Ed Farrar to His Mother

At this point in his combat career, George Edwin Farrar has flown four missions, the roughest being his first on August 5, 1944.

August 14, 1944


Dearest Mother:

Haven’t heard from you in a couple days, so thought I would go ahead and write.  Hope everyone is doing all right.  I guess by the time you receive this, school will be started off again.  I hope everyone will do as good as they did last term.

It only takes nine days to receive your letters now, but I have never received a V-mail letter.  I don’t know what is wrong, as I think you told me several weeks ago you sent me one.  Maybe it will get here before I leave.

I still like England all right, and the food is getting better each day, that is on the base, because you just can’t get anything to eat in town.

I sure hope I can finish up and get home by Christmas, or the first of the year.

I got a letter from the little Bryant girl, and she was raising all kind of hell about a blonde.  I only know the girl, and she said in the letter she wasn’t playing second to anyone (what a laugh).  I guess she will learn.

Well I guess I had better cut this, as I will be up early in the morning, and the sleep will come in good.

Love to all,


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