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June 28, 1944 Letter from Ed Farrar to His Mother

Ed Farrar’s last letter to his mother before leaving the states for combat duty.  The reference to “my boy” is his younger brother, Gene, who would have been 13 at the time.  Also at home would have been his younger sister, Beverly, only 7 in 1944.  Ed needed to be able to send money home to help support the family as his father was gravely ill and bedridden, unable to work.  Payday in the service during WWII must not have been consistent as you can read below.

June 28, 1944

Dear Mother:

In just a little while and we will be on our way.  I wish I could tell you where to, but it just isn’t being done this season.  I can tell you we will stay once more in the States, and I will try to drop you a line from there.  I am in the ship now.  We have everything packed, and we are taking time about watching it until take-off time.

This is one of the best places I have been in some time, and I hate to leave it without going to town once more.

I am sorry about sending you any money before I leave, but they didn’t pay us, and there was so much to do, that there was nothing we could do about it.

The card inside is the address of the jewelers where I left my watch.  If they don’t send it to you in a couple of weeks, please write them a letter and ask about it.

I guess that covers everything except how much I would have liked to see everyone before we leave.  I would have phoned, but I had such little money, I thought it best to hold onto it.  Take good care of everything and I’ll be back soon.  I hate to be running around so much, but I am used to it by now.  I never know where I will be from one day to the other, and that does make the time go by fast, but I’ll be glad when this is all over.

Tell everyone and especially my boy hello.  Will drop you a card later.

With all my love,


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