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June 26, 1944 Letter from Ed Farrar to His Mother

Another letter to his mother before departing the states.  Janet and Dot are two of Ed’s sisters.  The reference to Forts must be an abbreviation for Flying Fortresses, another name for the B-17 aircraft.

June 26, 1944

Dear Mother:

One more day in this place, and we will be going.  You should receive my A.P.O. address in a couple of days.  And you can write me then.  I will be where I am going in a few days, or by the time you receive this letter.  I wish you would write me one letter air mail, and one V-mail letter at the same time, and see which one I receive first.  We are not being paid here, as we thought.  I’ll try and tell you when I fly my first mission, but am not sure they will let it through the mail.  Just keep up with the papers and you will see what the Forts are doing.

Tell Janet and Dot I really appreciated the letters, and will write them the first chance I get.  Maybe there will be a little more to write about next week.  I’ll write you every other day if we are at our base.  You know they are flying from one base to the other, and bomb each way.  You can also get the thirty missions in that way.  I’ll try to drop you a line again before we leave the states.  I am sure glad that we are flying over, as I don’t care to take the long ride it takes on a boat.  We can go over in a matter of hours.  So after all I won’t be so far away.  Will close here, until I get another chance to write.

Love to all,


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