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June 25, 1944 Letter from Ed Farrar to His Mother

On the move and on the way to England, the Buslee crew has arrived at the location where they received the plane they would fly over.  The letter does not indicate where they were at the time.

June 25, 1944

Dear Mother,

Just a line to let you know that everything is fine.  There is no use in you writing me here, as we will only be here four days.  We have our own plane, and will fly over.  We should be there next week this time.  If I get my new address before I leave, I will send it to you.

I left my watch in Ardmore to be worked on.  They were going to send it to me, but there will not be time, so I am having them send it to you.  There will be a little charge on it.  I will send you the money before we leave here, as we will get paid.  I may have some things to send home so you can look for them.  I will write you where you can send my watch when I get over.  Be sure and save the letter so they will let you send it at the Post Office.  You have to show them the letter that I asked for it before you can send it.

You know I may be home for Christmas.  I hope so anyway.  Don’t count on it too much, but I am going to try.

Tell Gene he should see our plane.  It only has twelve hours on it and guns all over it.  They are giving each of us a cal. – 45 pistol and a large knife.  You would think we were going to look for a fight.

That is about all for now, but will write again when I have time.  Please don’t worry about me as I know what I am doing, and love it.  Tell every-one hello.

With love,


Farrar’s mother did get the watch to him in England, but the watch did not make it back to the states with him after the war.  More on that later.


  1. Where would the crew have picked up the aircraft they flew to England?
  2. What serial number/name was the aircraft?

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