The Arrowhead Club

September 28, 1944

George Edwin Farrar

George Edwin Farrar

September 28, 2013 is the 69th anniversary of the mid-air collision of the Lazy Daisy and the Lead Banana after coming off a target in Magdeburg, Germany during WWII.  My dad, George Edwin Farrar, was the only survivor from the Lead Banana.  Harry Allen Liniger, George Marshall Hawkins, Jr., and Wilfred Frank Miller survived from the Lazy Daisy.

John Oliver Buslee, David Franklin Albrecht, William Alvin Henson, II, Robert Sumner Stearns, Sebastiano Joseph Peluso, Lenard Leroy Bryant, George Francis McMann, Jr., and Gerald Lee Andersen, all aboard the Lead Banana, did not survive the crash.

James Joseph Brodie, Lloyd Oliver Vevle, Byron Laverne Atkins, Donald William Dooley, Robert Doyle Crumpton, and Gordon Eugene Hetu, all aboard the Lazy Daisy, did not survive the crash.

I salute all these men for their bravery and heroism and the sacrifices they made to defend our freedom.

Sources:  Lead Banana and Lazy Daisy.

© Cindy Farrar Bryan and The Arrowhead Club, 2013

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